How do you make sure that the data about wages stays anonymous?

  1. The collected data are not assigned to specific people. As soon as you enter them, we consciously remove all the technological possibilities of linking your information with you and your profile. Even we won't ever be able to tie these data together,
  2. All the data you provide are saved in different, disjointed databases, to guarantee full anonymity,
  3. We don't ask you about the department in which you’re working and for how long you've been working there, maximally hindering the possibility of linking the entered data with a particular person, even in a “manual” way by trying to read the wages data and searching for similar parameters on users' profiles,
  4. The only information that we store in our database are the name of the company, the position, the received benefits and the salary. These information are not in any way associated with the email address, User ID or any other data allowing to associate these information with a specific User,
  5. When filling in the salary report, we store this fact in the Cookies. This allows us to check whether a given part of the form has already been completed. Every User, for the sake of their own anonymity, has the ability to permanently delete these files from within their web browser at any time.
  6. As a rule, under Polish law - people employed under an employment contract aren't prohibited to share the information about their earnings outside the workplace.
    However, you must be aware that:
    • despite the employment contract, you could have signed some additional agreements/clauses/contracts under which you have committed yourself towards your employer to keep confidential the amount of your remuneration and other facts related to non-salary components of remuneration,
    • being employed under civil law contracts (commission, specific task contract), provisions regarding keeping confidential the information about salary and other information regarding the employer are very often parts of such contracts,
    • when running a business and being associated with the employer under a “business-to-business” contract, besides the provisions on confidentiality, you are also bound by the regulations on the prevention of unfair competition.

Therefore, before deciding to provide us with your information, find out if you can do it without consequences to yourself because you are doing it at your own risk.

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