What do I have to do for my profile to be 100% complete?

If you care to complete your profile to 100%, pay particular attention to the following elements:

1. Add a profile photo. Don't be an anonymous user! Present yourself to the recruiters and potential employers. When uploading an image, remember that it should be tailored to the business recipient and comply with our rules.

2. Complete the information about your professional experience. Think of this section as your virtual CV and present the course of your career. Do not forget to list the responsibilities related to the position you occupied!

3. Add information about your education - select your university and course of study.

4. Present your experience, aspirations and plans for the future in the summary. Indicate what else you still want to achieve and what plans you've already achieved.

5. Ask your friends for references. References give you credibility and will be a proof - a particularly important one from the point of view of the recruiters - of your professionalism and experience.

6. Create a network of contacts in GoldenLine. Invite your friends from work, colleagues, customers. By developing a network of business contacts you gain capital which pays off in finding a job. It's worth remembering to expand the circle of friends reasonably and only invite these people that we worked with or that we know personally.
With all these elements, your profile will be 100% complete and thus better rated by the employers that visit it. If you have questions or concerns about what information is missing from your profile, please contact us.

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